Andreas H. Bitesnich is one of the world’s most famous photographers of the male and female nude. His images are instantly recognizable by their simple aesthetic and perfect synthesis of beauty and form. His work has been published and exhibited internationally for the last 25 years, and his iconic images are familiar to anyone with a passion for photography of the human body.

This lavish production is specifically designed for photographers of the nude, who aim for the same perfection in their own work. With a range of sets from the sophisticatedly simple to the cooly complex, photographers of all levels can develop and hone their skills in lighting, set-construction, and working with models and stylists. Each episode ends with a look into the world of digital raw conversion, presenting effective possibilities to change the look and mood of the final images.

»  9 beautifully-filmed shoots with professional female and male models

»  In-depth visual and audio guide

»  3-D animation recap

»  Step-by-step guide to basic digital raw conversion

»  Designed for photographers of all levels

»  Bonus DVD for computer use with downloadable films in full HD, plus final images from each shoot with camera-setting information.

»  Available in PAL and NTSC



Andreas H. Bitesnich is not only an outstanding master of the contemporary nude. His relentless drive to innovate pushes him constantly forwards to new photographic ventures and aesthetic concepts. To watch him work and listen to his advice is to learn from a true artist.



Bitesnich easily sets a new benchmark for photo tutorials. What a production!



Widely considered to be one of the greatest nude photographers of our era, Andreas H. Bitesnich has changed the way in which we look at the human body.



Master photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich guides you through the complete creative process, dealing with all aspects of lighting the nude in a controlled studio environment. Learn to work with professional lighting and models with ease and confidence!


Each stunningly-filmed episode allows you more than just a privileged glimpse behind the scenes: every film is packed with vital information. Incorporated into each film, graphic guides continuously appear with useful hints and technical specifications. Bitesnich’s own audio guide deals with a range of topics from safety issues and overcoming technical hurdles to exploring your creativity by adapting his sets and experimenting to achieve your own unique results.


Andreas H. Bitesnich’s most sophisticated lighting techniques are revealed and illustrated in graphic detail, aided by easy-to-follow 3D animated recaps: whether recreating the look of natural light in a studio environment or using light to sculpt the body from unusual angles.


Post-production has always been a vital part of professional photography. Each shoot is immediately followed by Bitesnich’s step-by-step guide through the possibilities offered by digital raw conversion programs. Master the basic tools, to effectively enhance the look and mood of your images.